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Dara Maclean Releases Powerful New Single "Blameless" At Digital Retail Today; Single Impacts Radio Friday

Fervent Records’ soulful vocalist/songwriter Dara Maclean is proud to announce the release of her powerful new single “Blameless” today at digital retailers everywhere. “Blameless” will impact Christian radio this Friday, 8/29. The critically-acclaimed Maclean is very proud of her most recent work and hopes the world is impacted by its message, as the song, co-written by Paul Mabury, has been and in and out of Dara’s set-list for the better part of a decade.


Dara shares the heart behind “Blameless” - "Way too many times, I would label myself as something like 'failure' or 'not good enough'; you know, we all do that. And I remember God just arresting my attention and saying ‘When is the sacrifice of my son going to be enough for you?’ And that kind of started this journey of me opening up the Word, and instead of saying it to everybody else, actually believing it for myself. When God looks at us, He sees us through the image of Jesus, so that means when He looks at us He sees somebody that has value, someone that is worth fighting for, someone that is worth dying for, so I hope that when you hear ‘Blameless,’ you begin to look in the mirror and your mind gets renewed, and you begin to see yourself the way Jesus sees you. It’s whole, it’s beautiful, and it’s blameless.”


Find "Blameless" on iTunes here: