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Rogue Saints, the latest installment from Word Films, is set to release October 16 on DVD. The multi-award-winning, faith-based film is the directorial debut of esteemed interactive graphics designer Adam Lubanski. Rogue Saints is a roller coaster of drama, comedy, adventure and romance that ultimately leads to the discovery of a whole different kind of treasure.

Rogue Saints is the story of what ensues when Nick and Dylan, two men down on their luck, set out to steal an enormous diamond hidden in the basement of a church. In an attempt to disguise their endeavor, they volunteer at the church, but something about the church and its members begins to affect them. As the duo bumbles their way through their plans, Nick and Dylan learn the people they are trying to deceive are actually what they both need - quirky and imperfect, but also loving and lovable – the family they’ve been missing.

"We're excited to be releasing Rogue Saints,” said Lubanski. “The message about God’s community is very close to my heart and has really resonated with the churches and people that have seen it. It's a fun, engaging story that makes people laugh too. It was important that it succeed as entertainment with a message, and I think we've done that really well. It's been a long journey to the screen but the reaction has been great. I can't wait to see what happens with the movie next."

This comedic yet inspirational film has received outstanding praise throughout film festivals and reviewers worldwide. Rogue Saints won the Taff Family Award at the 2012 Attic Film Fest which recognizes the best in Christian Independent Films. It is also an Official Selection at Gideon Film Festival, Projecting Hope, The Indie Fest and Kingdom Wood. “Rogue Saints held the biggest number of laughs I’ve had at a movie in the last two years,” said Melinda Ledman of “It’s always a good sign when you actually laugh out loud at something on screen, and this movie was one crack-up after another.” The film also received the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

This 103-minute feature film will be available for purchase both online and at physical retailers. For a listing of the retailers and to view the trailer, please visit www.