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Music fans nationwide will be discovering Fervent Records’ soulful new artist Dara Maclean on iTunes as she is named one of the select “New Artists To Watch” and her breakthrough single “Suitcases” is the Discovery Download of the week. The song is from her full-length debut You Got My Attention, available exclusively at iTunes beginning today, July 5 and will be available everywhere starting on July 12. A powerful vocalist and gifted songwriter, Maclean wrote or co-wrote all 12 of the tracks on the album, produced by Ian Eskelin.

Co-written by Maclean and Ian Eskelin, “Suitcases” is an up-beat tune about the daily “baggage” that can weigh you down and the freedom that can be found in release.

"While listening to my Dad speak one Sunday morning, I remember hearing him say, ‘You can’t run when you're holding suitcases’ and it immediately sparked,” shares Maclean. “I imagined trying to navigate through life, while holding suitcases that were bursting at the seams. One flies open and out comes a baby blanket, which is a metaphor of fears, doubts and insecurities. Then a picture of an ex-boyfriend falls out and we start to realize, what we've held onto from our past, is the very thing holding us back from our future. I hope this song is an anthemic reminder for us to set baggage aside daily and live free.”

Discover more about Maclean, as she shares her favorite things she just can’t go with out on her website – To top it all off, fans will have a chance to win a suitcase packed full of these home-inspired things. Maclean wants the winner of this giveaway to experience the sweetness of home, which is something near and dear to her heart.

Maclean grew up outside Fort Worth, Texas, in a family that encouraged her love for music and ministry from her earliest days. She began singing at age 8, then went on to lead worship and actively pursue youth ministry. Maclean continues to serve with her family in their local church. Heavily influenced by Lauryn Hill and everything from the Motown era as well by contemporaries like Adele, Natasha Bedingfield, Marc Broussard and Ray LaMontagne, she incorporates the funk and soul she grew up loving into her music. The combination makes for a sound that is pure celebration, that captures as few artists ever have the joy and exuberance of being swept up in love.

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