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David's Powerful Message To Everyone

First, thanks to everyone who shared a "Message to Mom" with us. Here's one more...

Dear Mom,
I think the last time I wrote to you or made something for you on Mother's Day, I was in the 4th grade. It was a poorly made cardboard card with crayon, glue and macaroni that said I love you Mom. Its rather cruel how hind sight is so clear, because in the present, my thoughts are always clouded and jumbled. I never have the right words to say, so I have always stayed silent and kept putting these kinds of things off. But I have found a poem that will hopefully describe how important you are to me and how just how sacred the calling of a mother is in this world today.

Your Life Will Be My Gain

Given me on loan my son, for a brief earthly span,
To bear, to love, and nourish. Baby, then boy to man.
Remembered tender moments, after I gave you birth,
In God's miracle we shared. I pondered this child's worth.
What would life store for him, this babe so pure and sweet?

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