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Suelen's Thanks to Mom!

Well, this week I completed my 15 years. My mother did a wonderful party for me. At the party, I had a surprise for her. Thanking all she ever did for me. I tried to make a great speech, and failed. I started crying even before the second sentence. So ... maybe I can tell her here, all I wanted to say there.

My mother, my friend, my companion. Mom ... I have no words to thank all you did to me, until today. And I said it. I know, I worry much when he was criança.Eu was very Boente, you always cared. Mother, I thank God very much for giving me to you. That He created you to be my mother. God knew everything, was always in charge of everything and created you to be mine, and I to be his. And if today you proud of me, it was you who taught me to be so. If I am what I am is God who gave me wisdom to create so he who helped you in difficult times. Thank God, thank you. I love you mom. Congratulations on your day.

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