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Norma's Mom Shows What It Means To Love

My mom is my hero. She is 70 years old and she is more alive than some 15 yr olds! My mom brought me and my sisters to Canada more than 36 years ago. My dad was already here so she had to travel with her 4 young daughters to a new country. She began to work almost right away to supplement our dad's income. But before she left each morning at 6am to go to work, she cooked our lunch! When she got home after work, without missing a beat, she began to cook our dinner. My mom was able to raise us in the fear of the Lord even though she was alone in Canada. She had left her mother, sisters, brothers back home. Thanks be to God and thanks be to our mother, we are all professionals with great jobs! Our mother taught us to be strong and never to give up. She is my hero and I thank God for her. Today, she is the life of any party! Praise be to God!

Thanks for sharing Norma!