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Christina's Poem For Mom


You've always been good
You've mostly been great
You're never terrible
and you're never ever evil.
You love God
Like I love you
You taught me to sing
Sing from my heart
From my heart to the heavens
I know I'm the oldest
but never the wisest
You are the wisest
(And the oldest?
We'll keep that
under wraps)
You can be embarrassing
You can be trite
But I have to get used to it
For you won't be around forever
I Love you, Mom
Like you love God
And I pray that this Mother's Day,
My sister and I
won't fight.

(Just a little poem that I just thought of. I hope ya'll enjoy it. God Bless You! And You're Mom!!)

Thanks, Christina! Have a message for your mom? Click here to share it with us, and we'll be posting another letter to mom tomorrow!

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